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assembly代写 | 代做assignment | Computer Organization | 计算机组成原理 – 这是利用assembly进行训练的代写, 对assembly的流程进行训练解析, 是有一定代表意义的assembly等代写方向, 这是值得参考的assignment代写的题目

ass代做 assignment代写 代写assignment

Course: COMP3370 Computer Organization
Term Work: assignment 

The University of Manitoba

  • There are 5 questions on this Assignment for a total of 20 points.
  • Read academic misconduct information discussed inROASSdocument. Note that assignments are to be done independently unless otherwise explicitly stated and that inclusion of materials from online sites is not allowed.
  • Show all your work clearly in your answers to all questions.
  • Upload a single PDF file containing answers to all questions. Also, make sureyour name and student numberare on multiple pages of your file. You may upload multiple times, if so desired andencouraged, but only the final upload will be saved.
  • You must hand in your assignment electronically via UMLearn using the Assignments tab under the Assessments drop-down menu. A folder for Assignment 2 has been created there. Recall that you must agree to the online honesty document before the A2 dropbox becomes visible to you.
  • You should use calculators to compute final answers in many questions; leaving just the number formulas is not acceptable.
  • Use a word processor of your choice for your answers, then convert it to a singlePDF file before uploading.
  • For programming questions, in addition to your PDF document, please hand in all source files and results as well as pre-compiled executables for the target platform. You must also include a text file namedREADME.txtfor each programming question that briefly describes how to both compile and run your program. Be sureyour name and student numberare in each file.

7 1. Consider three different processorsP 1 ,P 2 , andP 3 , that have the same instructions setX. ProcessorP 1 has a clock rate of 2.75 GHz and an average CPI of 1.5; processorP 2 has a clock rate of 1.75 GHz and have an average CPI of 0.75; processorP 3 has a clock tate of 4.0 GHz and has an average CPI of 2.3.

  1. Which processor has the highest performance expresses in instructions per second (IPS)?
  2. Assuming that processors each execute some code for 10 seconds, what is the cycle count and number of instructions on each processor?
  3. If we want toreducethe execution time by 30%, and this leads to anincreaseof CPI by 20%, what clock rate is needed to get this time reduction?

4 2. Assume a benchmark program requires 50 106 floating point (FP) instructions, 110 106 integer (INT) instructions, 80 106 load/store (L/S) instructions, and 16 106 branch (BR) instructions. The CPI for each instruction type is 1, 1, 4, and 2, respectively. Assuming that the processor has a 3 GHz clock rate,

  1. If we want to reduce the execution time of the benchmark by half, by how much must we improve CPI of FP instructions?
  2. If we want to reduce the execution time of the benchmark by half, by how much must we improve CPI of BR instructions?

3 3. Convert the following high level language instructions into LEGv8 instruction using minimum number of instructions and sufficient number of registers.

  1. a = b e;
  2. f = c + d – 7;
  3. What is the final value ofa, andf, ifb, c, dandehave values 3 , 2 , 5 and 2 , respectively. Provide your answers in 32-bit representation.

3 4. Write a single C statement that corresponds the following twoLEGv8 assembly instructions.

ADD f, g, h
ADD f, i, f

3 5. Consider the following statement,

A[30] = h + A[30] + 1;
which is compiled into the followingLEGv8code:
LDUR X9 , [X10 , #240] // Temp reg X9 gets A[30]
ADD X9 , X21 , X9 // Temp reg X9 gets h + A[30]
ADDI X9 , X9 , #1 // Temp reg X9 is incremented by 1
STUR X9 , [X10 , #240] // store h + A[30] +1 back into A[30]
Using the information in theGreen CardforLEGv8, create the binary representation of the above code.
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