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1. Comment Free Write.

Good job – your free write was a bit more structured than it needs to be — but seemed to be helpful for you. Good reflection on the process.

2. Comment Draft Research Design Strategy

So, right now this seems more like a correlational study/case study of sorts. It would be good if you would further design this so that you might be able to assess a cause/effect hypothesis rather than something that is more exploratory in nature for this assignment. The study could be a comparison of subjects using several different password techniques — and then ascertain the outcomes when using these different methods of interest to you. So, this approach is not too much different, but would lend itself to studying a causal impact of these new PW techniques. Hope this helps.

3. Final Paper Submission requirement

Please upload your paper and .pdf ‘s of two of your research articles that you used (and are cited) in your final research paper. A separate assignment will be created for you to upload your short (6 slides maximum) PowerPoint presentation of your paper.

The paper is worth 30 % (30 points) of your final grade with 10 points being allocated for writing style, organization and intro/use of the literature; 10 points regarding research approach/methods as used to test your hypothesis; and 10 points for your presentation of results, discussion (including strengths, limits, next steps).

I look forward to reading your final document!

Below is a reminder of the format of the final paper (extracted from the assignment document…)

Part III: Final Research Paper Due March 9. Please provide both a softcopy (via Canvas). a) Your final paper must be submitted using the following format:

  • 8 – 12 pages, double-spaced, not including tables, charts, graphs, abstract and/or appendices
  • 11 or 12-point type
  • MLA or APA formatted be consistent in your use!

b) The final paper should include the following.

  • Include a Cover Page (your name, affiliation & paper title)
  • Include an Abstract of your paper (300-word limit)
  • Introduction (complete and well-written), Methods (detailed research design), Results (simulated), and Discussion/Conclusion sections must be completed including relevant subsections. You will not be required to actually conduct the research. Your task will be to simulate findings and results and then base your discussion on the outcomes of your findings. It is important to determine how you will present your data including simulated depictions of any charts, graphs, illustrations, photos or other visualization methods; determine the appropriate statistical analysis methods/techniques you would use; provide a description of your findings, and outline potential conclusions /next steps. Also, it is important to describe any specific strengths, weaknesses and next steps of the study. These include any potential threats to the internal and external validity of the proposed work.
  • Bibliography: Minimum of 8 references must include at least 4 refereed journal articles. Please include photocopies (double-sided preferred) of two refereed articles that you found to be of significant importance to your study and attach them to your paper. Also include them as .pdfs in your Canvas submission.
  • An Appendix that includes any other relevant materials (e.g., survey instruments, equipment lists, instructions, selected code listings, etc.).

– Important: Be sure to include a header on your document that indicates that this

paper provides only simulated data. Something like: "Draft — Includes Simulated Findings Only Do not Cite!" would be appropriate.