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html | css | js 代写 | assignment – 这个项目是assignment代写的代写题目,涉及了web方面的内容

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Total Marks: 100

For each of the specific requirements below, you will receive full marks if your implementation works without any problems, half marks if it is implemented well but has small or infrequent errors, and zero marks if it is implemented poorly or has significant errors.

To receive any mark, the following requirements must be met. A grade of 0 may be given for submissions that do not meet these requirements:

  1. Server serves all necessary resources for the trivia game (HTML, Javascript, etc.)
  2. Server supports any number of players (i.e., never assumes there is a specific amount of players)
  3. Client can enter name and join game
  4. README.txt file provided that explains how to run/use your system and any add-ons implemented.

Server Requirements (10 marks): 5 – Uses the request module to retrieve new questions for each round 5 – Handles invalid requests with proper response (e.g., 404 message)

Client Requirements (20 marks): 4 – Question and answers displayed properly 4 – Players score displayed properly 4 – Other players’ names/scores displayed properly 8 – Player can see whether other players have answered or not

Game Rules (30 marks): 4 – Game starts when first player joins 4 – If all players leave, a new game is started when next player joins 3 – Game consists of 5 questions 3 – Player scores are reset to 0 at the start of each round 4 – Players can only guess once per questions 3 – Players receive 100 points for a correct answer 3 – Players lose 100 points for incorrect answer 4 – Round does not proceed until all players have answered 2 – Players who join in the middle of a round can start playing immediately

Game Add-Ons (25 marks): To receive this portion of the marks, you can implement any number of the extra features listed in the assignment specification. Note that the listed number of marks for each add-on assumes that they are implemented perfectly. You may implement as many of them as you desire, but the maximum marks you can receive for this part is 35 and the maximum mark for the assignment will still be 100.

Code Quality (15 marks): Your code should be well-written and easy to understand. This includes providing clear documentation explaining the purpose and function of pieces of your code. You should use good variable/function names that make your code easier to read. You should do your best to avoid unnecessary computation and ensure that your code runs smoothly throughout operation. You must also include a README.txt file that explains any design decisions that you made, any additional instructions that may be helpful to the TA, and a summary of add-on implementations you have included.