c++代做 | lab代做 | 数据结构代写 – CSC230 Lab 5

CSC230 Lab 5

c++代做 | lab代做 | 数据结构代写 – 本题是一个利用c++进行练习的代做, 对c++的流程进行训练解析, 包括了c++等方面, 该题目是值得借鉴的lab代写的题目

lab代写 代写lab

Due: March^10 th, 11:59pm^

Goal: In this lab, we will discuss one of the keystones of object-oriented

programming Recursion and LinkedList.

Please try your best to finish the lab in class, and submit it to CANVAS.

In this lab, please write a YournameLab 5 .cpp file

Linked List: A linked list node contains two fields in it: data and next. The next field points the address of the next element in the list. If the List is EMPTY it points to NULL.

The node structure used in linked list is as follows: struct Node { int data; struct Node next; }start;


Design, Develop and Implement a menu-driven Program in c++ for the following operations on Linked List of Bank Account details with the following fields:

  • CustName,
  • AccN
  • BankName
  • Location
  • PhNo.

a) Create a linked list of N Customers Data by using front insertion. (keyword new )

b) Display the status of linked list and count the number of nodes in it

c) Perform Insertion at the End of DLL

d) Perform Insertion at the given position of linked list

e) Perform Insertion at Front of linked list

f) Perform Deletion at Front of linked list

g) Reverse the details into reverse linklist.

ptr1 = start;
ptr2 = ptr1->next;
ptr3 = ptr2->next;
ptr1->next = NULL;
ptr2->next = ptr1;
ptr1 = ptr2;
ptr2 = ptr3;
ptr3 = ptr3->next;
ptr2->next = ptr1;
start = ptr2;

Wrap up

When you’re done, jar three files to lab 5 .jar

jar cvf lab5.jar *

Submit lab5.jar to Canvas.

Make sure you log out before you leave!

If you cannot finish the lab in class, please save all your files. Next time you log in the computer in the lab, you can continue work on your files. Please save them before you log out. If you work in a Linux lab, please save the file to your machine. However, if you are working in the Mac lab, please save the file to a CLOUD. The Mac machine will erase everything you saved once you log out.

Note: For the lab assignments, research and explore various options before you reach out to me for resolving error (or) issues. I would suggest taking time till Saturday, for exploration and if you are still unable to find the resolution reach out to me on Monday. I will expect you to explain the various options you already tried/explored until Saturday.