essay代做 | 文科代写 – Sociology of Work Sociology 2145 650

Sociology of Work Sociology 2145 650

essay代做 | 文科代写 – 这是一个关于essay代写的题目, 主要考察了关于Sociology的内容

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Written assignment Sociology of Work Sociology 2145 650

Final essay question due at midnight on Tuesday, April 10th, 2023

Your research topic is listed below. You are required to write an essay of a minimum of 1500 words (roughly 6 pages double spaced, 12pt font) for this course. This page length does not include any Figures, Tables and/or the List of References that you can also use in putting together this research paper (i.e. be careful not to include the List of References in your page count).


This one can be a bit of a self-study (if you so chose), and in writing it, first person style is accepted (albeit certainly not required). I expect you to REPEATEDLY draw from material we cover this term in class and in our readings when addressing this issue. This will be an important part of my assessment.

Obstacles to employment

What sorts of opportunities and/or obstacles are encountered by Canadian University students in their effort to establish themselves in the labour force? With this in mind, what sorts of strategies might be useful in assisting university/college students in their employment goals on graduation?


IMPORTANT: You are NOT to use non-scholarly sources in the writing of this paper. When you cite the work of others, I expect you to work with research published by sociologists and/or other social scientists. How so?

I recommend that you draw from the textbook and/or materials that we covered in class, as well as seek out published articles from Sociology Journals (preferably, yet not necessarily, Canadian research). DO NOT merely do a google search on your subject of interest, but more correctly, use academic resources available in our library in researching your topic. This will include scientifically reviewed publications, i.e., articles in academic journals are by far your best source. In putting together your paper, you should include at least 4 or 5 academic citations beyond our text book in completing this short essay. It is okay to use journals from related academic disciplines (e.g. psychology; management, economics, etc.) if you prefer, but they must be of an academic nature. In addition, given the credibility of Canadas Statistical Agency, it is also acceptable to use publications/data available from Statistics Canada.

For this paper, you are NOT to use non-academic sources" (e.g. newspaper articles, reports downloaded off the internet, blog posts, social media posts, and websites not associated with an academic institution or professional organization). Of course, you are also not permitted to use Artificial intelligence sources like Chat GPT. These sources are notorious for being less reliable or credible since they are not peer reviewed. Do note that they do not meet the basic requirement of academic/scientific validity, are sometimes filled with error and misinformation, and should always be read with caution. They are not typically peer reviewed by other social scientists and subsequently do not count as academic citations. I am looking for research published in the social sciences, not merely summarizing opinion or ideas as obtained by browsing through web pages on the internet.

IMPORTANT: For further information on what is meant by academic resources in sociology, see: and/or On this page, put together by our Reference Librarian in Sociology, is a clear description of what is meant by research articles, and why we should use them!! I highly recommend that you review this resource, useful for all your sociology courses. You can also consult with reference librarians as well, as they are there to help you out!!

Try to write and organize your paper in well structured paragraphs. Include an introductory paragraph in which you explain to the reader what your paper is about (what to expect). Include a concluding paragraph that brings together the main ideas of your paper. The key is communication. As a tip, try reading your work out loud to yourself. Does that sound grammatically correct? Is there an easier, more straight forward manner in which you can express your ideas? Use full sentences, yet avoid long meandering sentences that go on forever. You can also seek help with your writing through a resource available on campus (The Write Place):

In making citations in your paper, use the following journal article that I recently wrote as an example of how it should sort of look (e.g. look at how specific authors are referenced in the text; take a look at the format of the LIST OF REFERENCES at the end of the article, etc.). While this article includes an abstract, you are not required to do so for this assignment. This is how sociologists make references in their published journal articles. Also, feel free to read this article, if you happen to be interested, as this paper happens to discuss recent changes in the vitality of our local labour market here in London Ontario!! I wrote it with a former student from Kings, Komin Qiyomiddin, whos currently off at McGill University doing a PhD in sociology.

Late assignments will be penalized to the date of submission to Late assignments will be penalized by 5% daily.

Feel free to drop by during zoom hours to discuss these assignments or anything else relating to this class if you like. You can email me to set up a zoom meeting anytime!


You are NOT to use artificial intelligence in writing this paper (e.g. Chat GPT). I am currently investigating all potential software useful in detecting the use of artificial intelligence. This is a rapidly developing field, with several competing plagiarism checks currently being developed/evaluated.

In submitting assignments electronically thru our OWL site, an electronic copy of each assignment will be submitted to, which allows for an automated check on plagiarism. In addition, all required papers may be subject to submission for textual similarity review to other commercial plagiarism detection software under license to the University for the detection of plagiarism. All papers submitted for such checking will be included as source documents in the reference database for the purpose of detecting plagiarism of papers subsequently submitted to the system. Your work will not be graded until it is submitted to In submitting your final paper, you will be required

to agree to a "pledge" that you didn’t plagiarize or use artificial intelligence software in writing your paper. This pledge is important, and should not be taken lightly.

A student guilty of a scholastic offence may be subject to the imposition of one or more penalties, of which those listed below are examples: a) Reprimand. b) Requirement that the student repeat and resubmit the assignment. c) A failing grade in the assignment. d) A failing grade in the course in which the offence was committed. e) Prohibition of further registration in a course or courses in the department or Faculty in which the offence occurred. f) Failure of the year (applies in certain professional programs). g) Suspension from the University for up to, but not more than, three academic years or for a portion of one academic year including the academic session in which the student is currently registered. h) Expulsion from the University.