GUI | uml | 作业oop | java代写 | 代做java – java programming

java programming

GUI | uml | 作业oop | java代写 | 代做java – 这个题目属于一个oop的代写任务, 包括了GUI/uml/oop等方面

UML代写 OOP编程 面向对象代做

java programming

What does java include?

  • One written document:
    • uml diagram of your program.
    • Screenshots your complex code and a brief explanation why it is suitable to perform the task it does.
    • Identification of any sources used.
Word count: ~

You have to use oop (objects!) and ADT (linked lists, queues, 2D array) to get anything more than 3 marks

  • Keep it brief… It does not need the life story behind your project.
  • Pick 6 – 8 examples of things you have actually used and can explain:
  • Try & Catch / Exception handling
  • File handling
  • GUI / User interfaces
  • Complex loops / Selection / Sorting
  • Inheritance / Polymorphism
  • Must use Harvard referencing. This is ANY code that you have used/borrowed or adapted from any source.

Cheat! Use:

  • We will only award up to 11 marks in this section. This is because nobody knows what really is complex code… opinion varies between people.