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Summer 21 /Statistics 101 B homework one

Problem one: In a study that I conducted, one of the objectives was to find out if the ninth grades perception of the role of chance (chance1) in their life varies with ethnic background (ethnic) when they enter high school.

Using lifeskill.csv data set answer the following question.

Recode so you have three levels. Recode African American and Asian to Others creating just three groups Also to create readable plot of the means recode Latino/Hispanic to Latino

a) What are the independent and dependent variables?
b) Run the relevant analyses to answer this question.
c) Draw the plot of the means with confidence intervals.
d) Summarize the results within context. Refer to relevant means, p-values, and the plot you
e) Explain if the relevant assumptions met.

Problem two. In the following you are given the descriptives (rounded to one decimal) for the data in problem one.

mean(chance1,na.rm=T) [1] 42. tapply(chance1,ethnic,mean,na.rm=T) Caucasian Latino Others

  1. 4 46.3 4 2.

tapply(chance1,ethnic,sd,na.rm=T) Caucasian Latino Others

  1. 5 18.4 16. 7

tapply(chance1,ethnic,var,na.rm=T) Caucasian Latino Others 341.8 340.3 284. table(ethnic) ethnic Caucasian Latino Others 179 177 129 Show the equations and your calculations a) Calculate F-value. Your results should be pretty lose to what you found in problem one. b) Using R find the approximate P-value c) Estimate effect size by calculation of (f) and ^!, ! d) Comment on practical significance of the findings.