Network代写 | 代写network | 代写project | AI | assignment代做 – COM1005: Experimenting with AI

COM1005: Experimenting with AI

Network代写 | 代写network | 代写project | AI | assignment代做 – 这个题目属于一个ai的代写任务, 涵盖了人工智能/network/AI等方面, 这个项目是assignment代写的代写题目

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COM1005: AI Techniques 3/20/19 1

University of Sheffield

Department of Computer Science

COM1005: Experimenting with AI


assignment 2, 201 9

Rule Networks

This assignment counts for 12.5% of the assessment for COM

1. Aim

The aim of this project is to complete the implementation of a software package for reasoning in rule networks by token passing, to demonstrate this reasoning and to show that it reduces computational cost in forward chaining.

2. What you must do

Section 5.3 of the lecture notes covers rule networks.

In the archive

on the COM1005 MOLE site is incomplete code for implementing rule nets and token-passing, as described in section 5.3.3 of the lecture notes.

  1. Complete the code by writing the propagate method of the RuleNet class,
  2. Test the code by executing RunRuleNet, which includes a small rule net.
  3. Extend the family tree rule network in RunRuleNet by defining rules for brothers, sisters, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and nephews
  4. Using the extended rule network, show what can be deduced from Jill is the mother of David Jill is the mother of Shula David is the father of Pip Shula is the mother of Daniel
  5. Implement the same rule set for forward chaining (code in java\FChain, section 5.2.1 of the notes).

COM1005: AI Techniques 3/20/19 2

  1. Compare the time taken to make the same deductions by forward chaining and Rule Nets (use System.currentTimeMillis() or the StopWatch class)

3. Mark Scheme

For parts 1.. 5 above..

  1. 30 %
  2. 10%
  3. 15 %
  4. 15 %
  5. 15%
  6. 15 %

4. What to hand in

Hand in 3 documents, in a single ZIP archive:

  1. Your code for the amended RuleNet class.
  2. The amended RunRuleNet with your added rules.
  3. Results for parts 4, 5 & 6.

5. How to hand in

Hand in by MOLE

DEADLINE: Tuesday of week 11: 7 th May at midnight.