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opengl | 代做Python | assignment代写 | cg代写 | 图形学代写 – 这是一个关于opengl的题目, 主要考察了关于图形学cg的内容,是一个比较经典的题目, 是比较典型的cg等代写方向, 该题目是值得借鉴的assignment代写的题目

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CS-3388 Computer Graphics Winter 202 2  assignment 3

Assignment 3

The purpose of this assignment is to complete a 3D graphics program capable of displaying parametric objects as polygonal surfaces. For this purpose, you are required to:

  • Complete the methods in class lightSource. The methods needing completion are the setter and getter methods.
  • Complete the constructor and the methods in class tessel. This class tessels the objects of the graphical scene into convex polygons, and computes the color shade to fill the polygons with. In order to program this properly, refer to the notes on lighting models (particularly the Section on A Practical Lighting Model), and the comments included with the provided code

Here are some general considerations concerning this assignment:

  • The sum of the Python code needed for this assignment can be found in OWL under Resources, Python Programs, Assignment 3.
  • You must not change the provided classes that are complete, nor the provided file names and class names. In addition, exactly follow the instructions as to the naming of the files and classes you will have to program for this assignment.
  • The test program for this assignment is and is found with the rest of the provided code.
  • The output of the test program should correspond exactly to the image assignment3Image.png. This image is found with the rest of the provided code.
  • Use OWL to submit the following files. Each file must contain the class that corresponds to the file name. These files are:

Marking scheme and Submission

  • Working program (50%): A working program which satisfies all of the requirements automatically receives 50% of the total assignment mark. Each element of nonCS- 3388 Computer Graphics Winter 2021 Assignment 3
compliance will be penalized with respect to its severity
  • Program Structure (25%): A program which follows the structured programming rules (procedural, modular, uses parameters) to perfection automatically receives 25% of the total assignment mark. Marks are deducted depending on severity and number of occurrences of non-compliant elements
  • Program Documentation (15%): Documentation should be complete. That is to say, every non trivial part of the code should have a clear comment that explains it. In addition, every method or function, including the main program should have an explicative comment header. This header includes: module name, author, date of creation and purpose. A description of parameters and their classification as either input or output parameters. Marks are deducted according to the absence of these elements
  • Program Style (10%): Style refers to Occam’s razor principle. Code that is needlessly tricky, obscure, or difficult to read will be marked accordingly. Program text indentation is also an element of style and must be present. Significant constant, variable and structure names must be used. Marks are deducted on the basis of the frequency of these errors
  • Submission: Through OWL exclusively. Only attachments are allowed