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Programming Project Search Trees

project – Programming Project Search Trees, 该题目是值得借鉴的project代写的题目,主要涉及ai搜索树算法相关的内容

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4/21/2021 Programming project Search Trees

Programming Project Search Trees

Due Friday by 11:59pm Points 100 Submitting a file upload
Available Apr 5 at 12am - Apr 26 at 11:59pm 22 days
Start Assignment
Submit this completed document along with a .zip of your entire project. Carefully consider your
implementation  use the properties of BSTs to make your code more efficient.
1. Complete the implementation of the LinkedBinaryTree and LinkedBinarySearchTree classes from the
jsjf package in the example code from class (
( ). Specifically,
complete the implementation of the removeMax, findMin, findMax, find, getLeft, & getRight methods
of the LinkedBinarySearchTree class and any remaining unimplemented methods in
LinkedBinaryTree. You should take advantage of the properties of BSTs in your
2. Create a new sorting method called bstSort which sorts an array of elements using a binary search
tree to order the elements. Add your method do the Sorting class from earlier this semester.
3. Create a class called LinkedBSTOrderedSet that implements the methods in the OrderedSet
interface. Note that a LinkedBSTOrderedSet is nearly identical to a regular LinkedBinarySearchTree
  • the only difference is that duplicate elements are not added to a list.
  1. Create a method called printTree() that displays the tree as follows: Leaf nodes appear alone inside parenthesis – (leaf) Non-leaf nodes appear in parentheses in between the representation of their left & right children – ((leftchild) nonleaf (rightchild)). For example, after adding 5, 3, 7, 2, & 4 (in that order) to a BST printTree() would display: ((( 2 ) 3 ( 4 )) 5 ( 7 ))
5. Use the provided test driver to test your code. Comment out any operations that do not work, but
other than that do not change the driver. Include sample output from the driver in your document.

4/21/2021 Programming Project Search Trees 2 / 2

You should reuse or modify the example methods from class where appropriate. Do not use any Java
library methods. Unnecessarily duplicating existing code or failing to use the properties of BSTs to
make your code more efficient will result in a grade of 0 for that method. Feel free to implement helper
methods or additional classes where appropriate, but if you do so include those methods/classes in your
submission. A minimum of 10 points will be deducted for any missing/incorrect submission information.