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Maintaining a Legacy project

Independent assignment

Term : Winter 2022


Scenario: You have been hired at a company, and the legacy software that youre
being assigned is
A01: Timesheet
A02: Scrum Chatter
Alternatively, find an open-source project that you have had no
interactions with, and do the  assignment with that project. You must
get your instructors permission if you choose a different project.
Complete the following activities. Provide written responses for each one.
Number your responses to match the corresponding activities. Submit your
response in a PDF document to the appropriate submission folder on UMLearn.
Note that you will need to complete the honesty declaration for individual
assignments (available under Assessments -> Checklist) before the submission
folder will be visible to you.
Please note that all activities must be done independently. All written work must

COMP-3350 – Software Engineering 1 – Winter 2022 YL

p y be your own thoughts, in your own words.

1. Build the system from the source.
2. Describe the process of building the system. Were there any difficulties
(compatibility, dependencies, etc.)? Did you have to modify anything, or find
additional libraries?
3. Explore the system to get a feel for what it does. As your response for this
activity, briefly describe the purpose of the system, and include a
screenshot. In the screenshot, modify a title/heading/something, putting
your name in it. Example
4. Explore the source code for the software. Is there a discernible
architecture? If an architecture diagram exists, comment on it. Is the
architecture diagram sufficient for you to understand where code in the
software lives?
5. Choose two distinctly different maintenance tasks for the system: one new
feature and one bug fix. You will not actually change the code. Describe the
tasks that you want to accomplish in high-level terms.
6. For each of the two tasks, locate and record where you would insert a seam.
Describe how you would refactor this code to add the seam. What kind of
tests would you need to implement for that component?
7. Briefly describe the maintainability of this source code. Are there any
aspects of the project (architecture, design, code, etc.) that make it
particularly easy or difficult to modify?

If you create a pull request for your project, and it is accepted, your assignment will be marked very very favourably (not quite bonus marks – likely get full marks for architecture/bug fix depending on the case). This applies to submitting an architecture document, bugfix, or any design documentation. Make a note in your hand-in if you have a successful pull request, with a link.

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