Python | assignment – CSE5P: Introduction to Programming (in Python)

CSE5P: Introduction to Programming (in Python)

Python | assignment – 这是一个Python面向对象设计的practice, 考察Python的理解, 涉及了Python等代写方面, 这个项目是assignment代写的代写题目

ass代做 assignment代写 代写assignment

assignment 3

Instructor: Peter Alvaro

Reza Nasirigerdeh

Winter 2019

CSE5P Assignment 3 Winter


  1. The aim of this assignment is to practice writing modularized programs using functions in Python.
  2. The deadline for the assignment is02/01/2019 (Friday) 11:59 PM. No late submissions accep- ted.
  3. The grade of the assignment is out of100 pts.
  4. Students must use Python3 (NOT Python2) to write the code.
  5. Students are expected to write the code that is easily readable. To this end, they must employ meaningful variable names and comment their code properly.
  6. The output of the code requires to bepreciselyas shown in the sample runs.
  7. The names of the functions that students are going to define in their code must be the same as the names specified in the exercise parts (1)-(6).
  8. Students must put the code in a file named and submit it through Canvas.

Please notice that failing to comply any of these requirements will result in losing points at the discretion of the grader.


Write a Python program that reads in the academic achievements of three international applicants and determines which one is the best candidate for the university graduate program. To this end:

  1. Write a function namedgetInputsthat reads in the academic achievements of an applicant, which are ranking of the undergraduate university (low-ranked, medium-ranked, top-ranked and of typestring), undergraduate GPA ([0.0-4.0] and of typefloat), TOEFL score ([0-120] and of typeint), GRE score ([260-340] and of typeint), and number of publications (of typeint). The function takes no arguments and returns a tuple containing the five inputs gotten from the user [15 pts].
  2. Write a function namedcomputeNormGPAthat takes the undergraduate university ranking and GPA of an applicant as arguments and returns a normalized GPA in [0.0, 1.0]. The normalized GPA is (rankweight* GPA) / 4, in whichrankweightis 0.9, 1.0, 1.1 for low-ranked, medium-ranked, high- ranked, respectively. If the result of ((rankweight* GPA) / 4) is greater than 1, it must be rounded to 1.0 [15 pts].
  3. Write a function namedcomputeNormTestScorethat takes TOEFL score and GRE score as argu- ments and returns the normalized test score. The normalized test score is ( 0.6 * (T OEF LScore/ 120)
    • 0.4 * (GREScore/ 340) [15 pts].
  4. Write a function namedcomputeNormPubScorethat takes the number of publications of an appli- cant as argument and returns normalized publication score, which is 0 if the applicant has no publication, 0.5 if the applicant has only one publication, and 1.0 if the applicant has 2 or more publications [ pts].

CSE5P Assignment 3 Winter

  1. Write a function namedcomputeNormTotalScorethat takes undergraduate university ranking, un- dergraduate GPA, TOEFL score, GRE score, and number of publications of an applicant as arguments and returns a normalized total score, which is (0.5 *normalizedGP A+ 0.3 *normalizedtestscore
    • 0.2 *normalizedpublicationscore) [15 pts]. Hint:CallcomputeNormGPA,computeNormTestScore, andcomputeNormPubScoreinside this function.
  2. Write a function namedfindBestCandidatethat gets academic achievements of three applicants from the user, computes the normalized total score for each applicant, prints the total score of each applicant with four digits of precision, and determines the best candidate based on the normalized total score. The function takes no arguments and returns no value [25 pts]. Hint:CallgetInputsto get the academic achievements of each applicant from the user andcompute- NormTotalScoreto compute the normalized total score of each applicant inside this function.

Sample Run: