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report代写 | uml | java | project | assignment – 该题目是一个常规的java的练习题目代写, 是比较典型的report/uml/java等代写方向, 这个项目是assignment代写的代写题目

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This is a group assignment. Students are to work in teams of maximum 3 - 4 members to create an

object-oriented program for the given scenario.


Learning Outcomes

Being Assessed

CLO 2: Demonstrate an object-oriented program using appropriate

programming fundamentals with regards to arrays,
methods and exception handling. (P, P4)

CLO 3: Illustrate the concepts of encapsulation, inheritance and

polymorphism to solve a given programming problem.
(CTPS, C4)

Submission Deadline

Friday, 1 6 August 2019 (Week 12) by 4.00p.m.

Late submission

i) Within 1 – 3 days: total marks to be deducted is 10 marks.

ii) Late submission within 4 – 7 days: total marks to be deducted

is 20 marks.

iii) Late submission after 7 days: reject coursework and zero

mark shall be awarded.

Please refer to TAR UC guideline on late submission of coursework for
more detail. (

Overview (^) Point of Sale (POS) System

Description Student team is required to innovate a point of sale software solution for

business problems with object-oriented programming (OOP) approach in
 java programming language. However, student team only need to develop
simulated environment where output can be a console output of characters
or graphical user interface (GUI). However, both display methods are
acceptable without any marks discrimination. The term simulated
environment is referring to software simulation instead of actual full
implementation with real money transaction. For example, you only
required to show virtual money account transfer without actual bank
transfer to the bank account.
It is important to note that all student teams ideas must be different and
unique from other student teams. You can innovate point of sale system in
different industry. E.g. food and beverage industry, retailer industry and
etc. Your application is represented as Java objects in your system. You
need to define the classes for these objects with advanced object-oriented
programming features such as polymorphism, inheritance and
encapsulation to control and manage the objects in your system. Also, you
are encouraged to use Javas interface to establish weak relationship
between objects in your system. You must provide reporting feature of
your system for your users to monitor the status of your system.
Do not use copyrighted images for your display if you are going for GUI
display. You can create your own images or use public available licensed
(e.g. creative common images) images with proper citation of the original
source of the image.
Assignment scopes:
  • The sales transaction must include customer / member information and sales person information
  • The system must include the membership privilege (e.g: point collection for e-voucher / discount)
  • The system should include stock quantity tracking, stock-in and stock-out, stock return from customer
  • Reporting:
  • Reporting: o Daily / monthly sales report o Transaction report based on sales person o Transaction report based on member o Point collection / discount privilege report based on member / membership level o Product stock level report

Deliverables The following items are to be handed in:

(a)  uml class diagram that depicts the entity classes and their
(b) Cover page. Indicate the percentage contribution of each member.
(c) Description of your teams assignment idea. Please provide sample
screen shots and reports/listings. Printing of source code is NOT
required but you need to include your Java  project source code in the
softcopy submission.
(d) Softcopy of source code 
 Include ALL your source code files and all pre-compiled classes.
 Form of submission 
o Each group creates a folder named using the format
TutorialGroup-StudentFullNamesWithAlphabeticalOrder (e.g.,
and to be attached together with the report.
IMPORTANT: Work on the entity classes should be equally distributed
between the team members. Likewise for the client program and
NOTE: Submitting the assignment means you have agreed that your work
is original and comply with the rules and regulations (refer to
Academic Impropriety)

Paper Size / Format

Paper size^ A4 (Use only one side of the paper)^

Estimated Time


At least 10 hours per team member.

Academic Impropriety You may only work with the students in your team to produce your

deliverables for this assignment.

This covers cheating, attempts to cheat, plagiarism, collusion and any other

attempts to gain an unfair advantage in assessment.

The work that you submit must conform to those regulations.

Assessment This assignment contributes 4 0 marks to your coursework. The allocation

of marks is shown below. Refer to the Assignment Feedback Form for

the detail assessment criteria.

Area Marks Allotted

Programming Style 5

Client Program 12

Exception Handling 8

Class Encapsulation and Cohesion 12

Class Design 13

Total marks 50

Marks for a team member = Total marks x % contribution

Note: if it is an individual assignment, the total marks will not be

multiplied by the % contribution.