report | 代写oop | java – CIS 180 Homework 2

CIS 180 Homework 2

report | 代写oop | java – 这是一个关于oop的题目, 主要考察了关于oop的内容, 包括了report/oop等方面

report代写 代做report

Programming Exercises

Question1 (65 points total)

The distance a vehicle travels can be calculated as follows:

Distance = Speed * Time

For example, if a train travels 40 miles per hour (mph) for three hours, the distance traveled is 120 miles.

Design a class that stores the speed of a vehicle (in miles per hour) and the number of hours it has traveled. It should have a method named getDistance that returns the distance, in miles, that the

vehicle has traveled.

Demonstrate the class in a program that uses a l oop to display the distance a vehicle has traveled for each hour of a time period specified by the user. For example, if a vehicle is traveling at 40 mph for a three- hour time period, it should display a report similar to the one shown here.

Hour Distance Traveled
1 40
2 80
3 120

Input Validation: Do not accept a negative number for speed, and do not accept any value less than one for time traveled.

Question 2 (35 points total)

Modify the program you wrote for Question 1, so it writes the report to a file instead of the screen.