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Managing Technology Projects and Programmes

report | 代写project | IT作业 – 这是利用report进行训练的代写, 对report的流程进行训练解析, 是有一定代表意义的report/IT等代写方向, 这个项目是project代写的代写题目

IT代做 代写IT

157 .394 Managing Technology Projects and Programmes – Distance / Auckland

Assessment 1 – Written assessment

For an IT project to be conducted by a team at an organisation, for an internal or external client, analyse the suitability of using an agile methodology. Based on your analysis, recommend a course of action for the organisation.

When information (e.g., about organisational culture) is insufficient, make reasonable assumptions. Document the assumptions in your report. Choose the organisation and the project in such a way that the analysis is non-trivial. Your analysis should illustrate the major issues encountered in deciding if an agile methodology is suitable.

The organization must be a real organisation (ideally, it would be an organisation you know well; for example, it could be Massey University). The project may be real or imaginary. Ideally, choose or imagine a project that relies on technology you are familiar with. For example, if you are familiar with social media, the project could involve establishing social media presence for a small business. If you are uncertain about which organisation or project to use, discuss with the lecturer.

In conducting analysis, cite the sources for the criteria/theory you are applying. There is no expectation for you to conduct literature search, and you can fully rely on the recommended textbooks, ( Agile practice guide , 2017) and (Highsmith, 2010). At the same time, if you wish to use further or different sources, you can do so. If you wish to use some other sources instead of the recommended textbooks, consult the lecturer.

Use in-text citations as well as a list of references. For sources that are substantial in size, such as the recommended textbooks, include page numbers (or other indicators of location) in your citations. Format your citations and your list of references consistently (e.g., by following the APA style,

Use business report structure ( as a basis for organizing your report. However, you are not required to follow the business report structure exactly, and you can tailor the structure to suit your circumstances. Do include a recommendations section in your report. You can use numbered and bulleted lists, diagrams, figures, etc. as needed.

A high quality analysis would go beyond simply applying the agile suitability filter tool from Agile Practice Guide ( Agile practice guide , 2017, p. 125), would refine and extend the criteria, and would involve elements of critical analysis (e.g., assessing/questioning the validity of the criteria/theory you are using). At the same time, reports that mostly apply the agile suitability filter tool from ( Agile practice guide , 2017), with explanations, will also get some points.

The report should be about 1,5 00 – 2,000 words in length. Even though no points are explicitly allocated for presentation, poor presentation may make it difficult for markers to understand your analysis, resulting in loosing points in all categories of the marking schema.

The following marking schema will be applied:

  • Description of the context (organisation, project, client, technology, architecture, project staffing, project leadership etc.): 15 points
  • Analysis: 30 points
  • Formative activities at workshops in weeks 1 to 6: 5 points

Total: 50 points (50% of the course).

Agile practice guide. (2017). Project Management Institute, Inc. Highsmith, J. A. (2010). Agile project management : creating innovative products (2nd ed ed.). Addison-Wesley.