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代做project | php | REST API – 本题是一个利用php进行练习的代做, 对php的流程进行训练解析, 包括了php等方面, 这个项目是project代写的代写题目

project代写 代写project

CS602 project Broad Guidelines

  • Project emphasis should be on server-side functionality as opposed to client-side
  • Persistence of data (Node/MongoDB or PHP/MySQL)
  • REST API endpoints of data for XML and JSON formats are a must

CS602 Project Grading Rubric

  • Server-Side functionality (50 points)
  • Persistence (20 points)
  • REST API endpoints(15 points)
  • Presenting the project demo and code walk through with Facilitator (15 points)

CS602 Sample Project

The following is the scope of a sample project. You can use Node.js (with MongoDB) or php (with MySQL). You can pick your own project on similar lines. In the latter case, please provide the project scope with details to your instructor (cc: your facilitator) for instructors approval before Tuesday, August 4th.

Consider a shopping cart application for a merchants website. The merchant has a list of products that they sell. Each product has a unique id, name, description, price, and quantity in stock. The application should be able to show the list of all products, search for the products by name/description.

The customer interface should allow the ordering of the products. The customer selects from the list of products and specifies the quantity of each they like to order. You can skip the customer registration part and assume that each customer has already created their customer id. When the order is submitted, the available quantities should be updated. The customer should not be allowed to back order any product. The customer interface should have the capability to show the list of all their orders.

The admin interface should have the capability to add/update a product, and delete a product. The admin interface should have the capability to show the list of all customers, and when a customer is selected, show the list of that particular customers orders. The admin should be allowed to delete or update the existing orders of a selected customer.

The application should support the REST APIs (XML & JSON) for the list of products, products matching the specified name, and products within the specified price range.