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Mobile Application Programming: iOS

project 0 – Values


Create a very simple application that offers sliders to represent two values and labels that show arithmetic operations on those values.


  • A window with a light gray background.
  • Two sliders centered in the window.
  • Static X and Y labels on the left of the sliders.
  • Dynamic labels on the right of the sliders that change to reflect the slider value as it changes.
  • Labels that show arithmetic operations on the values that update as the sliders change. Show at least addition and multiplication operations.


Create the window and root view controller in the application delegate using code. Do not use storyboards. Add the various views to the root view controllers view. Compose the view hierarchy in the application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: method. We will improve app architecture in later assignments. Use the addTarget:action:forControlEvents^ method on the sliders to observe the changes of value. The action selector can be created with a string containing the method name.

Extra Credit

None on this assignment


You should hand in a zip file containing your project. To do this, zip the folder and transfer it to a CADE computer and use the following command. DO NOT USE THE web VERSION OF HANDIN! IT MANGLES FILES! There is a detailed description on the CS4530 course website.

handin cs4530 project0


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