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Java代写 | 网络代写 |javafx代写 :这是一个要求利用java进行软件设计的作业
This project is required for all graduate students. Undergraduate student who chooses
to work on this project and successfully finishes it will get additional 10 points. No
team work on this project
In this project, you are required to design a data driven direct mail planning software
“RouteMining” that will help marketing team to choose specific carrier routes in
terms of distance, house hold income and property value. The RouteMining can be
standalone or web-based software with the following functions/features.
• The RouteMining shall generate report of targeted area once user specify a zip
code as starting location and distance to the zip code. Here is the step to take.
1. Extract list of zip code information (population, average house value,
household income, median age, # of businesses, # of employees) when user
provides a zip code and a distance to this zip code and save the information in
local DB (
2. Extract route information for each zip code in 1 from local DB, if local DB
doesn’t have information about the zip, go to to get the information
and update your local DB.
3. Provide a GUI for user to add/delete routes in zip code and route level in 2
mode, manual or automatic. In either mode, total budget and actual mailing
cost are the primary information. You shall allow user to specify overall
budget and single mail piece mailing price (since post office change price
constantly, it is better for user to enter the cost of mailing single mail piece,
then you can calculate the total cost to mail)
a. Manual mode: provide easy to use interface to show zip code statistics
so that user can manually choose zip code, user can also go to route
level to perform similar selection. Please note, when user un-select
certain zip or route, don’t delete them, always allow user to easily
b. Automatic mode: Based on total mailing budget and/or house value
range and/or income, the software automatically choose zip code and
routes. In this automatic mode, you may encounter 2 scenarios, total
mailing budget is more than or less than selected house value range
and/or income routes may cost. In either scenario, provide report and
easy to use interface to use to change criteria.
c. A typical use case is that user starts with auto mode and then use
manual mode to refine zip and route. So your application should
provide nice switch between 2 modes.
• Once Zip/Routes are finalized, a nice report should be generated to show statistics
of zip code, routes, budget and actual cost, number of mail pieces, etc.
You will get bonus points if you can implement the following features
• The RouteMining can show google map on the side. The map can highlight
routes being selected. 3pts
• Be able to save the map to your personal google account 3 pts
• In step 2, in addition to, give user an option to extract route
information from 3 pts
 Notes:
o Perform some preliminary analysis on what design patterns you will
use to solve the problem.
o Provide detailed design of patterns used in the solution via class
diagram with mapping of pattern classes to the actual application
o You are required to use at least 3 design patterns while solving this
o The developed code must be thoroughly commented and synchronized
with the model.
 Submission
o Submit One .zip file that contains the followings
 Source code
 A report that includes class diagrams and their descriptions,
database schema and descriptions, user-interface screen shots
and descriptions, references.


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