java web代写 – Final Project Requirement

本次作业是利用java web技术写一个web
Final Project Requirement
Overall Criterial:
• Develop a module for a Social Network Prototype 

• A social network consists of an interconnected set of nodes – 
theoretically it is a set of nodes connected by edges. 

• You can choose to build a set of programs that create, modify, 
and display information about a node. 

• Alternatively, given the basic assumption that each node will 
have a unique ID in some table, you can write a set of programs that define an edge between nodes. These programs would create, delete and display edges. 

You should use of java to complete the assignment

• If you use java, use netbeans to manage the project and submit the netbeans project folder

• Use JSP or xhtml to build a form page
• The form page should be xhtml and WAI compliant 

• Use JavaScript to validate the forms
• The Java Programs should 

• Process the form, store the information, and produce an acknowledgement with links 

• Mail yourself a note every time an entry is made 

• Review, edit, and approve entries 

• Concept of Web Design Project: Social Networking (E-Business) —— Best Tables Website

• Introduction of Web Design:
The design of this Best Tables Web is based on HTML, JSP, CSS, Mysql and java script. I plan to design this transaction Web to provide convenient and efficient online table shopping services. Online Shopping Mall system users can query their own interest in goods, and then use the personal network terminate to complete the shopping operation. Secondly, shopping mall can successfully complete the maintenance and management of tables’ information, including product viewing, product modification, product adding and the deletion of products. Thirdly, if there are some questions about the product or transaction process, buyers can contact with the seller through the email provided by seller online. Besides, administrator of the website can have a relatively efficient product database system, they can complete the modification and storage of product information. The system can facilitate users from the vast number of tables to find their own needs. Moreover, the system administrator can complete the effective management of products and users in the background. Finally, for the concern of privacy secure, the system has good security to ensure that user information, as well as product information is not leaked.

• Importance of Web Design:
• It provides a more convenient and efficient trading platform for students to buy tables for any uses in their home.
• It solves business communication, information exchange and other issues online much more easily.
• It saves students a lot of money and time, students do not need to go to the store to buy new tables.

• User Types and Requirement Analysis:
In my Best Tables Web design, based on the research and observations, we decided to allow two types of users below to use the web system:
• Customer: Customers can register and log in the Best Tables web system, and they can browse product information, search different tables based on various criterial, including price, functions (college, business, dining room, bedroom, living room) or other attributes, add products they are interested into the shopping cart. If they have any questions about the product or transaction process, they can feel free to contact with seller through the email address or phone number along with the product information provided by the seller online. In their personal shopping cart, they can delete or purchase the products, then the web system will timely deal with the transaction and update the transaction records and delivery records.
• Employee: Employee contains normal employees and managers, only managers can sign in the web system as administrators. They can update the weekly new deals (new product information or discount promotions) or news in the home page to share with all customers. Besides, they can manage all product and user information, including viewing items and users, adding products and users, deleting items and users, and they can also modify the login password to ensure the security of all the information.

• Assumptions about the Web Design:
• All the tables in my web system are divided into five categories based on their functions, including business, living room, dinning room, bedroom and college.
• I assumed that there are three warehouses in my web system, and each warehouse is managed by one manager, and manager can lead one normal employee.
• I assume that once the customer completes the transaction, the shipment information will be updated timely and the order will be shipped timely at the same day.


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