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Mysql|代写Web|Project|Css代做|作业Assignment|Lab作业|Sql代写|Php|Database代写 – 这是一个很全面的对web考察的题目,包括前端,数据库,php等

Advanced web Programming

You have already created a php CRUD to manage records in flat files (CSV). In this assignment you will be upgrading the application by changing the way data is stored. In this individual assignment you are required to convert your assignment 1 to use sql mysql代写”> mysql database and a PHP Framework. This project will be presented during your lab session to your lab instructor.

Modification to Assignment 1:

  • This application will store all persistent data in a MySQL database.
  • You must use the import method to import content of the CSV file to your database table.
  • You must implement the authorization and authentication module.
  • Add a new option to be able to change record display status. Hide or Show (5% bounce) Operations (Create / Update / Delete / Add / Change display status)
  • Home page (no login required) must provide the following functionalities: o Display all the records that have status of show o Search for a record (all fields or select one filed) exact match or partial match option (5% bounce)

####### Planning

To be successful on this assignment you must spend some time designing the solution. In this stage you should not think about how to code the assignment. Instead step back and model the various pages you need to have, the transitions between them, actions allowed on each page, and how each action will affect the information in your database or how the database information will influence what to show to the user. Only after you have a good understanding of the solution should you start writing code. You are required to submit a journal (pdf file to be



uploaded to the docs folder in assignment two) containing all the steps you took to complete this assignment. Each step must have the date & time and the resources you used for completing this assignment.

####### Evaluation

Journal (Journal without implementation would receive mark) 10 %
Coding style
  • Indentation & comments
  • Naming file, class and variables
  • Documentation

######## 10 %

Overall design (using a Front-end  css Framework) 5%
  • User friendly 5%
  • Accessibility 5%

######## 15%

Admin functionality
  • Create a new record 5%
  • Modify an existing record 5%
  • Delete an existing record 5%
  • Admin List records 5%
  • Admin records pagination 5%
  • Admin search %
  • Export the data in CSV format %
  • Import the data in CSV format %
  • Authorization and authentication (Using database) 5 %
  • Error handling 5 %
  • Home Page o Show records 5% o Pagination 5% o Visitor search 5%
  • Search exact match or partial match option %
  • Show / Hide option (manage and display implementation) % 5

######## 65 %

Must use a PHP Framework (none custom) 100%


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