Network|Assignment作业 – assignment 4 INFR1411U

Network|Assignment作业 – 这个一个涉及计算机网络的代写任务,有关网络方便的基础操作,对packet tracer等知识点掌握有要求

assignment 4 INFR1411U


This is a group assignment. You will work on this assignment with your lab partner, if you have one. Each member of a lab team will submit the same copy of this assignment through Blackboard.

Case Study)

The following diagram shows the topology of a corporate Network consisting of two buildings. Each building contains a number of PCs and a switched LAN. The two buildings are connected by a core router, and the whole corporate network is connected through a WAN router with a single connection to an Internet server with IP address The link between the WAN router and the Internet server uses the subnet

Each building needs 500 host IP addresses for its end devices (PCs, printers, servers etc), and VLSM is implemented. In order to determine the base network address for each building, use your and your partners student ID numbers for buildings 1 and 2 in the following way:

  1. Take your nine-digit student ID 100xxyyzz, and create an IP address in form of 100.xx.yy.zz from it, and calculate the network address associated with this IP address and the corresponding subnet mask for Building 1 for accommodating the hosts in Building 1.
  2. Your lab partner should do the same for building 2 (decide between yourselves who will design which building).
  1. Choose private IP addresses of your choice for the connection between the core router and the WAN routers.

If you have no lab partner and work individually, create a network address from your own student ID based on the above instructions, and subnet it for all subnets within the corporate network.


a. Based on the above requirements, design an IPv4 addressing scheme for all subnets in this network. Your scheme should include the network address and subnet mask for each subnet. The subnet addresses should not have any overlaps. (25 Marks)

b. Determine and show the static routes required at each router to allow successful pings between the two buildings, and from each PC to the Internet server. Do NOT deploy any routing protocol. Also, show the content of the routing table at each router (25 Marks)

c. Implement this network in Packet Tracer using two hosts for each building. Use your addressing design from (a) and static routes from (b). Confirm that the hosts in different buildings can ping each other and the Internet server. (50 Marks)


  1. You should complete and show the packet tracer implementation to your lab TA in the last week of the lab. Your lab TA must confirm that all pings in part (c) work correctly.
  2. Submit a zip file containing the following through Blackboard:
 An MS-word file containing your answers to (a) and (b).
 The packet Tracer file for (c). You will receive zero mark for part (c) if the packet tracer file is not
attached, even if your instructor confirms the work.



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