This module is 50% Final Exam and 50% CA. This brief is specific to the 50% CA ONLY.
Submission Due 31st Aug 2017
The repeat CA is divided into two distinct sections.
1) A multi-choice quiz to be held in a lab in DkIT on Tuesday 5th September – details re room number to be announced on moodle in September (20%)
2) The following CA brief to be completed and submitted on moodle before 31st August 2017
You are required to design and test a simple web-based site – you may use what ever technology you wish such as php/mysql or C# or Java. The website should have;
a) A form to be completed and an appropriate response page
b) A web service – either your own or a third party one
For this assignment there will be no ‘unit testing’ requirement, the focus will be on using the web- based tools discussed during the semester to test the application. As a result it is a requirement that your application is ‘online’, there are numerous free web hosting plans available including digiweb.
Automated Testing required.
1) Functionality Testing 2) Usability testing
3) Interface testing
4) Compatibility testing 5) Performance testing
Tools such as ranorex, hiptest, API testing, loadimpact may all be used. All your tests and results MUST be documented and submitted.

Peter Gosling © 2017
In addition you will submit a test plan document which will cover all the test design including all test case to be used.
Marking Scheme:
Test Plan Design Document 10%
Testing results Documentation Functionality Testing 4% Usability testing 4% Interface testing 4% Compatibility testing 4% Performance testing 4%


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