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Is initial presentation time. This counts for 20% of your mark. Someone will need to introduce the team and the project. Each member of the team will also have to present their Wiki Page in their team’s repository, which will explain what their role in the team is and which bit of the system they are responsible for. Each team member will also have to prove that they can push code / content to their repository (even if it’s just a small “hello world” type project or a small set of issues in the issues list).

Friday 13th April 2017
23:59:59 is the final date and time any work you submit (by pushing it into GitHub) will be counted. Obviously, GitHub is a public repository, so we can’t stop you submitting code after that point, but anything after that date / time won’t be marked.
Also note – we’ll take a look at everything pushed after that date, to see if you’ve been pushing last-minute fixes to your repositories. If you have, it will cost you marks.

Project briefs
CTEC2902 project

Listed below are three sets of initial ideas about the projects. They’re written in the kind of vague way that customers use when they first approach developers. So the first thing we need to do is work out some requirements from these briefs and add them as issues to your team’s repository.

Film review website

I want a website that lets users review film. I’m a big fan of films myself. I’d like to add a description of the film myself to get the ball rolling, and then let other users add their reviews about that film. So we would end up with each film having a page of some sort that listed all the reviews. I’d also like pages about actors and directors, which would link to all the films they had appeared in or made. I’d like users to be able to add comments about the actors and directors, too.
I’d like users to be able to reply to each other’s comments, too. But I’d also like to be able to moderate and delete user comments, and block users who make too many out of order comments, as well.
I’d like each review to have a “marks out of ten”, too, so that there’s a league table of films that you can use to see the most / least popular.
I’d also like people to be able to tag films by their genre (action, thriller, comedy etc), and then use those tags to be able to filter the best / worst tables (so you could list “the worst comedies”).
Plus I’d like people to be able to add film news stories, gossip etc.

Example film sites:

Link sharing / content aggregation site

I’m an investor with a pile of money who wants to have a go at the internet game. So I’d like a site that re-uses as much existing content (that’s already out there on the Internet) as possible. Obviously, I want my site to be popular, so I need it to have a popular theme that’s going to attract people: e.g. sport, music, gaming, baking, antique dealing / property restoration / interior design etc etc – I’d like you to suggest three or four topics that work well together (say “music, clubbing and fashion” or “sports, gaming and exercise”). I don’t want to get arrested or get in trouble, though, so they have to be “safe-for-work” topics.
I’d like my staff to be able to find some information that’s currently out there (say a news story on a music website) and then create a link to that content. Each link will have a little snippet of information explaining what it is, and some tags that relate it to the relevant topic. The links will be published to a “topic page” that gathers all the links for that topic into one place. Then I’d like to be able to track all the clicks that people make on that link. I’d also like to be able to place adverts (multiple adverts) on each topic page. I also want to know which ads get clicked on and which don’t.
I’d like users to be able to up and down vote the links, and write short, Tweet length comments about them.
I’d like to be able to search the whole site, and filter the results by topics and tags.
I’d also like to be able to embed Tweets about the topic from relevant famous people on each topic page, too.

Example link sharing / content aggregation sites

All these examples sort of show what I’d like the site to do, but they’re a bit more “general” – I’d like mine to be about a specific small set of related topics.

Article / story website

I’m a traditional publisher who wants to go digital and start working with user-generated stories, so I’d like a website for people to write stories or articles. I’d like you to suggest the topic, though – it could be themed around a hobby or interest, politics, or be fan-fiction of some sort. Just as long as you think it’s going to be popular, and it’s safe for work (I don’t want to get in trouble or damage my reputation).
I’d like each user to have a public profile that lists all their stories. I’d also like users to be able to comment on each other stories, too. If possible, I’d like them to put longer comments at the foot of each story, where they can discuss the story with other users. But I’d also like them to add short notes to the side of each story, too (like maybe if they think there’s a typo or a mistake or something?)
Each user should have a profile page that gathers all their comments and stories together.
The homepage should list all the stories by the date they were last modified, with the most recent at the top. It would be nice if people can up and down-vote stories so we can list them by popularity, too.
I’d also like stories to be tagged with keywords so that stories with the same keyword can be grouped together. And I’d like to be able to search and browse through all the stories.
I’d like people to be able to go back and edit their stories, and for the system to keep track of all the different versions. It would be nice for people to be able to preview a story before they publish it, too.


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