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Php Website App

You may create a web site for:

Business. Non-profit Organization. Personal. Site can Fictional or real (however latin text is not allowed). It is a fairly open ended project to allow for creativity. Keep in mind if you do the minimum then you get a minimum grade.

You need a minimum of one form: Include one text box for a users email address. Include two additional text boxes. Include one list box. Include three check boxes. Include three radio buttons. Include a Submit button. Include field sets and legends as needed. Data should be validated for not missing, valid format etc as needed with php, appropriate error messages will be displayed. Form should email the person who filled it out. The from address needs to be your email address so i can reply to the email. Read this to help you be more creative with the email message (note i dont want you to use the php only see how they used inline style). Form data should be saved to a csv file. Provide a link to this file on your sitemap. Forms always need to provide feedback to the user so they know what happened after filling out the form.

One page should open a data file and display the information in some way. (it could be a file of image names or it could be data related to your research or it could be the file created by your form, etc.).

Minimum of six web pages.

Create a new css file for the final project.

You need to have five hundred words minimum per page (exceptions: form, gallery. however 4 pages must meet this requirment. You cannot just have all gallery pages.).

As always be sure to: Validate your html and CSS (w3c.org). Have the following Meta tags: author, content, description. Have a link on your main index page to this assignment.


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