Assignment 5 – nodejs AngularJS

The below test is to assess your NodeJS and Front-end JS knowledge. Please turn back the test through the Submission process detailed below.
Problem Statement: Create a visualization dashboard of any time-series data by using MQTT / AMQP protocol (or any other pub-sub protocol)
1. NodeJS in backend
2. AngularJS in frontend
Use NVD3 in front-end
For your ease you can use***
1.You can use server side MQTT by:***

2.You can use client side MQTT by:***

(It’s on your discretion to use either 1.server side or 2.client side from above libraries – For any other pubsub you can bring your own client libraries)
1.The project needs to have user authentication (passportJS)
2.Use Gulp, Grunt, Bower or others to show off!
3.Create dummy time-series data and publish it to broker so your application can receive it Use any MQTT /AMQP broker locally in your computer.
4.It should work by doing simple “grunt build and npm install”
Submission: This below test is to see your GIT knowledge:
• Create private bitbucket account (It’s even better if you have one)
• Create two branches – development and master
• Push dev version to development and create pull request to master
• Accept pull request and give access to the link to Litmus hiring team – Reply back to the email
received with the test.


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