SQL Assignment 3

Assignment 3
You are expected to write a part of an SQL compiler. The compiler will read (scan) a set of SQL queries as input and perform the following steps for each query:

1) The input query is scanned to identify different entities, operations, and order of execution.
2) The input query is then translated into its equivalent relational algebra.

3) The generated relational expression is then mapped into a query tree.

4) You will run your compiler on my test data to generate output. For each input test data, you will print out the SQL input, its relational algebra, and its query tree.
5) You will write a report about your compiler, showing each input test data and associated output (see step 4). Your report must be self-explanatory, clearly explaining the structure of your compiler, the operation of the scanner, …, and a justification of its correctness.

Please make note of the following:

Each group is expected to submit in class a hard copy of the report along, with a print-out of the compiler. The compiler is expected to be well- documented.


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