java代写-Computer Science 1 : Java Programming

Throughout the semester, we have been working on command line applications. While the command
line can be a powerful form of interacting with the computer, most modern applications have a
graphical user interface, or GUI. This program will give you some initial experience making GUI
applications with Swing.
Things you will learn
• How to set up a simple GUI based on JFrame
• Setting up listeners and responding to events
• Drawing simple shapes and images
• Dealing with mouse and mouse motion events
1. Write a GUI application in Java using Swing that has four buttons and a drawing area. The
buttons should be at the top of the window. Three of the buttons should be labeled “Oval”,
“Image”, “Center”. The fourth button should be labeld with your name.
2. Give the window an initial size of 800 x 600 pixels, and put your name in the menu bar.
3. The drawing area should cover the remainder of the window.
4. When it starts, the program should show an oval in the center of the screen. Also the
background of the drawing area should be a non-white color.
5. Pressing the Oval or Image buttons should switch between the display of an oval and an image
of your choice, so that only one is visible at a time.
6. You must also be able to click and drag the rectangle or image around the screen with the
mouse. Also, the positions of the two objects must not change as you toggle between them.
7. The “center” button should cause the oval and image to jump to the center of the window.
8. When the user presses the button with your name on it, the program should do something else
not described in the assignment that is unique to your program, such as change the color of all
the things you draw, switch the oval to be outlines instead of filled, or draw your name in the
middle of the window.
9. As always, make sure the proper block comment is at the top of your main file with your name.
10. Once your program is working, pass it off directly to the instructor or TA. Also, turn in your
code to D2L.
• Get the skeleton of your GUI working first. First get the buttons drawing properly, then go on
to listen to and respond to events.
• Initially, hook up the event listeners so that they print something to the console when a button is
pressed. That way you can know that your code is getting events.
• Make a subclass of JPanel called “DrawPanel” or something like that to draw the objects.
Override the “paintComponent” method of this class. This class needs boolean variables to
decide whether to draw the rectangle, oval, your name, and the special. It may also need other
variables to indicate colors, positions of things, etc.
• You can measure a string using the FontMetrics class. This measures how much space (in
pixels) the string will take when drawn. You would use this information to determine where to
place the text and backing rectangle.
Point Breakdown (20 points total)
Compiles and runs on command line Required for a non-zero score
Proper indentation, spacing, header comment 2 pts
Starts with an oval and colored background 3 pts
Quits when you press the x on the window 2 pts
Draws oval and image and switches between them 5 pts
Moves oval and image independently using mouse 5 pts
Does special 3 pts


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