java Web代写 | 代写Java – 3-Tier web Application Development

java Web代写 | 代写Java – 这是利用java web进行3-Tier的编写

PE52400 Java 3-Tier webApplication Development

PIT4307X MVC Frameworks using JSF, Struts and Spring assignmentBrief Page 1 of 3

PIT4307X MVC Frameworks using JSF, Struts and Spring

Assignment 1 Brief
(Contributing to 2 0% of the total module marks)


In this assignment you are required to:
l Write a projectdevelopment document for the development of a web application (called
"Sports Tracker Application"), for users to track sports activities. The project development
document should document the key information during each stage of the entire software
development cycle.
l Create a basic web application skeleton to prepare for the development the above web app.
The web app should be implemented using the MVC pattern, with the model, view and
controller logic being encapsulated in different components. The implementation should
apply one of the MVC frameworks, choosing from Spring MVC and JSF 2.
This is an INDIVIDUAL work.

A simplified scenario and background

(a) The web application provides the following functions for users:
n A home page that display the following:
u The applications name
u Links to the following functions (the functions does not need to be implemented at
this stage):
l Add Activity
l Display Sports Summary
(b) When the user access the main URL of the application (e.g.
http://localhost:8080/sports-tracker-app), the home page should be displayed with the content
specified above
(c) For each sport activity record, the following fields should be maintained:
Field Name Data Type Length Mandatory Remarks
User Name String 40 Yes Name of the user
Sport Type Number 2 Yes Different number represents different type of
sports activities
PE52400 5 P PC in Java 3-Tier Web Application Development

PIT4307X MVC Frameworks using JSF, Struts and Spring Assignment Brief Page 2 of 3

Distance Number 3 No Total distance of the activity
Calories Number 4 Yes No. of calories burned
Start Date Time Date Time 19 Yes Start date time of the activity
Finish Date Time Date Time 19 Yes Finish date time of the activity

Technical Specification

You are required to use the Java EE 7 .0 features to develop and deploy the system to solve the above
background needs.

Project Development Document

To prepare for the system development, you are required to write up a project development
document. It should normally contains the following:
  1. Introduction a. Overview and reasons for the design, i.e. assumptions regarding the problem context b. Project development planning
  2. Design a. Application design with website layout design (e.g. site map) b. Characteristics of your application design c. Assumptions and limitations
  3. Implementation and Testing a. Brief description on the technology and design patterns applied b. Implementation details c. The test suites and test cases for unit testing
  4. Summary a. eg. Lesson learned

Additional requirements for your assignment

(a) Each student is required to complete this assignment individually
(b) Your web application must be developed with the following IDEs:
Framework specific version IDE to use for implement
Spring 3 MVC Netbeans 7 or above, or
SpringSource Tool Suite 3. 5 .0 or above
JSF Netbeans 7 or above
PE52400 5 P PC in Java 3-Tier Web Application Development

PIT4307X MVC Frameworks using JSF, Struts and Spring Assignment Brief Page 3 of 3

Marking Scheme

Total marks: 2 0 marks
Project Development Document ( 12 marks)
A specific design goal was stated. ( 3 mark)
The requirements are properly considered and analyzed ( 3 marks)
The approach to solving the problems was assumed and evaluated. ( 3 marks)
Test suites were developed for evaluating each component of the web application. ( 3 marks)
Product ( 8 marks)
The basic web application skeleton was created ( 2 marks)
The homepage of the web application was properly developed and displayed ( 4 marks)
The correct MVC Framework were applied (2 marks)

Submission Method

  • Submit your assignment through the Moodle Platform using your unique student login.
  • The project should be able to be imported directly to one of the above mentioned IDEs.


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